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The freelance authors at X Factor Partners can supercharge your blog, online publication, or magazine.

Get great content and access to a proven, vetted network of professional authors and bloggers at a highly affordable price through X Factor Partners. Stop struggling with content generation — it can be easy!

Becoming a Media Outlet for X Factor Partners

X Factor Partners is always on the look-out for partnerships with new media outlets. Our content is fresh and exciting, and it helps us help our authors when we find new areas to publish. Media Outlets on X Factor Partners have access to the great content regularly created by our authors. Whether your publication is online or print, large or small — you can benefit from Media Outlet partnership on X Factor Partners.

x-factor-partners-media-outlet-freelance-author-content Collaborating with freelance authors to generate content can be not only expensive, but an exercise in frustration. Why create several dozen accounts across content generation website to find your own freelance authors? You’ll have to go through the frustrating, long process of vetting each author and making sure their writing style and expertise are suited to your publication’s needs. Some authors are flaky and it can be difficult to recover your money.

Not so with X Factor Partners. All authors accepted to the X Factor Partners freelance author network are vetted, with writing experience or prior publications required for their application. Writing samples are carefully reviewed to ensure only the best content writers are accepted: we require excellence in spelling and grammar, original and plagarism-free content, and expertise in writing shareable, informative, and otherwise great content.

Benefits of Becoming a Media Outlet

  • Direct access to our wide array of skilled authors and bloggers
  • Exclusive access to Media Outlet resources
  • Ability to create Featured Topics for submission to our Editors, generating the content you want for your publication
  • Ability to create Freelance Jobs on X Factor Partners
  • Exclusive access to X Factor Partners private forums for authors and outlets

Apply to Become an X Factor Partners Media Outlet

Requirements of Becoming a Media Outlet

We’re always on the look-out for new Media Outlets at X Factor Partners. While we do review every application to ensure we’ll be a great fit for one another in content and style, the requirements of becoming an X Factor Partners Media Outlet are as follows:

  • Desire for fresh and exciting, relevant content
  • Publication either online or in print